Designed to be 100% farm-proof, Furrow's modular telemetry system reveals the core of our design philosophy.

Sunlight, rain, heat, cold, dust, fauna; our hardware is designed to withstand the extremes of the environment, for years on end.

Furrow modular telemetry system

Furrow's connectivity hardware consists of a wireless, sensor IO and geolocation enabled module - Link; and an optional solar + battery power module - Energise.

Sensor and interface modules can be included within the same Link + Energise assembly stack, resulting in simple and robust installation with minimal or no cabling.

Furrow Link

Link - Our core processing, sensor IO, data-logging, location and RF communications module. It incorporates a GPS receiver, bluetooth connectivity along with networked and back-haul RF communications options and a suite of sensor connectivity.

Link is the backbone of the Furrow ecosystem and can connect to the both in-house and 3rd party sensors and controllers.

Furrow Energise

Energise - An optional solar and battery energy module for the supply of power to Link and sensors where no external source exists.

Energise is designed to be integrated both mechanically and electrically with Link and other modules by simply stacking the modules and locking them together with the incorporated fastening system.