Furrow supports integrated sensing and control systems designed in-house, as well as 3rd party sensors that make use of standard interface protocols.

Furrow Fathom

Fathom - Our novel open water level sensing solution. Used to measure the height of water in storages, channels and rivers. Fathom uses point LIDAR technology to be able to sense the surface of the water from a distance and at acute angles.

Furrow Fathom beside channel

This means the sensor doesn't have to be mounted over the top of the body of water. This freedom allows the sensor to be mounted up and out of the way, integrated into Furrow's modular telemetry system, with no cables or additional mounting hardware.

Furrow Gauge

Gauge - An integrated ultrasonic sensor and mount to suit Furrow's modular telemetry system. Gauge is for use in measuring the height of liquid in a closed environment such as a water or fuel tank.

Furrow Gauge on a water tank

Repeating the theme of zero exposed cabling, Gauge also allows for the tank to remain sealed from debris and can be mounted on sloping or flat roofed tanks of any sort. Additional sensors such as flow meters or rain gauges can be connected through a conduit port in the base of the mount.

Furrow third party support

3rd party - sensors such as flow meters, rain guages, pressure sensors, switches and other more complex devices can be supported via Furrow's software and hardware architecture.