Furrow is building a fully featured pump management console with connectivity and the ancillary requirements of remote management at the forefront of it's design.

Furrow Govern on a diesel engine

Pump monitoring and control is often a very complex task involving startup and shutdown sequences, engine protection, priming, battery management and a suite of sensors to ensure the operation is occurring as planned, without damage to equipment.

It is rarely a simple case of just remotely "turning on an output" even with smaller, simpler pump setups. This simplistic approach often creates more problems than it solves.

Furrow Govern

Govern - is designed to interface directly to diesel driven pumps of any size.

Capabilities include start/stop/speed control, fault shutdown and engine protection, through to cranking battery charging, local automation, preventative maintenance management, and activity logging.

A Robust suite of IO, 12/24 VDC operation, battery charger and day/night high visibility e-ink touchscreen are just a few of Govern's practical features.

Furrow Govern

When paired with a Link module and Furrow's software suite, Govern can be used to remotely start/stop and control pump speed, flowrate, or line pressure.

Automation can occur locally, with water sensors close to the pump, or remotely using sensors connected to other Link enabled installations. Pump efficiency can not only be monitored, but automatically maximised based on required flow demands.