Furrow's product development focus is on providing robust and reliable building blocks for sophisticated farm-wide irrigation automation.

Irrigation map with Furrow tech

The key elements required of large scale surface irrigation are; pump station management, control of the delivery network, application onto the crop and recovery of run-off water.

Total farm water monitoring

Total farm water monitoring map

Having a complete picture of how much water is stored on farm, and where that water is at any point in time is key to being able to manage and plan irrigation events. Furrow's level and flow sensing products will enable growers to see current water status at a glance, and reconcile water usage with historical records.

Pump station management

Pump station management map

Arguably the most important and most often overlooked aspect of irrigation automation is what happens at the pump site. Irrigation pumps come in many different shapes and sizes and can often by very complex in their operation. Furrow's pump management solution aims replace the manual operations that take place at the pump station with full coverage alerting and diagnostic features, energy monitoring, maintenance planning and pump efficiency tools.

Irrigation automation

Irrigation automation map

In addition to being the backbone of water sensing and pump management, Furrow's modular telemetry product allows for simple integration of features such as wetting front detection, and control of 3rd party crop water application infrastructure.

When combined with our software these sensing and control elements become a fully featured monitoring and automation suite.

Beginning with surface irrigation, Furrow's solutions will ultimately extend to other types such as overhead and sub-surface.